8TH - 21TH JULY 2019

To register your son in the programme please fill in the registration form or contact Us on (0) 393-320-6072 for more details. You can also do a good job of forwarding this message to another mum out there who has a son who might find this program relevant.


These dynamic and interactive workshops in the BOOT-CAMP will enable our students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills which will help them to build mature lasting relationships with friends and colleagues, create imaginative and complex solutions to problems and focus on their Emotional Intelligence using theories and practices from a range of academic scholars in the field of experiential learning.

The Leadership & Careers Courses at BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC BOOT CAMP are designed and facilitated by professionals. Our mentorship programme aims to equip boys to develop a deeper understanding of themselves as men and apply that knowledge when leading others and preparing for the world of manhood. Managing their expectations, motivations and reflection process can enable mentees to further understand the concept of manhood. It is one thing to learn how to become an organized, calm or articulate young man but it is another to understand the fundamental concepts affecting your experience of growth to achieve more.

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