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Parent / Guardian. Nominee’s Parent/Guardian Information
Militaristic Summer Boot Camp
Work Voluntering Week
Child’s Information

Information for the Young Man applying for the BOYS’ Mentoring Camp

School Information

Submission Requirement

Answer Essay Questions by completing the online form:

The UN Convention on the Human Rights of the Child Article 14 states that, every child has the right to choose their own religion and beliefs. Eg. If a child chose to be Satanist, its their right. If a child chose to be part of the gay & lesbian culture, it’s their right.

  • Parent / Legal Guardian Authorization

Section to be completed by nominee’s Parent or Legal Guardian

I authorize the consideration of my son charge to participate in the selection process of the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Program.
I am the parent or legal guardian of nominee (minor child), acknowledge, understand and agree that I am required to accompany my son to the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Camp, departure and participate in the Boys’ Graduation Ceremony on December Sunday 22nd, 2018 at the Camping Centre. *

  • Photo / Media Release

I hereby give permission for my son to be photographed and/or video-graphed during the mentoring camp. I understand the photo(s) and videos may be used to keep a journal of activities, to share during PowerPoint presentations and/or reports to our sponsors, promotional purposes; including flyers, brochures, and on social/digital platforms. In addition, I give the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme permission to use my son’s name, voice and/or appearance as such to be embodied in photos, video recordings, and interviews for media publications. I agree that the KUTEESA Foundation through it’s BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme owns all mentioned assets and may use for the purpose consistent with the foundation’s mission.

  • Lost or Damaged Property

THE BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme, staff, mentors, coaches, sponsors, affiliates, participants, or its co-organizers are not responsible for lost or damaged personal property.*

  • Doctrine

By signing below, I acknowledge that KUTEESA Foundation is a Christian based Organization and for that reason, I do here by give permission for my son to be taught / instructed in a Christian doctrine. I am fully aware that all topics and disciplines to be taught in the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme will be based on the Bible and I do here by grant my approval.

BY ACKNOWLEDGING AND CLICKING 'I AGREE' BELOW, I AM DELIVERING AN ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE. THE ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE WILL HAVE THE SAME EFFECT AS AN ORIGINAL MANUAL PAPER SIGNATURE. THE ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE WILL BE EQUALLY BINDING. The undersigned confirms that she/he is the parent or legal guardian of named minor child in this application, hereby consents to the minor’s child militaristic camp participation; consents and agrees to all provisions of this affidavit, and agrees that all provisions of this affidavit shall be effective as to such minor child. All information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that if my son is selected, I irrevocably grant to KUTEESA Foundation through the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme and all coordinating agencies the royalty-free right to mentor him into the right way.

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