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Parent / Guardian Information

Militaristic Summer Boot Camp
Work Voluntering Week
Child’s Information

Information for the Young Man applying for the BOYS’ Mentoring Camp

School Information

Submission Requirement

Answer Essay Questions by completing the online form:

The UN Convention on the Human Rights of the Child Article 14 states that, every child has the right to choose their own religion and beliefs. Eg. If a child choose to be Satanist, its their right. If a child chose to be part of the gay & lesbian culture, it’s their right.

  • Parent / Legal Guardian Authorization

Section to be completed by nominee’s Parent or Legal Guardian

I authorize the consideration of my son charge to participate in the selection process of the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Program.
I am the parent or legal guardian of nominee (minor child), acknowledge, understand and agree that I am required to accompany my son to the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Camp, departure and participate in the Boys’ Graduation Ceremony on December Sunday 22nd, 2018 at the Camping Centre. *

  • Photo / Media Release

I hereby give permission for my son to be photographed and/or video-graphed during the mentoring camp. I understand the photo(s) and videos may be used to keep a journal of activities, to share during PowerPoint presentations and/or reports to our sponsors, promotional purposes; including flyers, brochures, and on social/digital platforms. In addition, I give the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme permission to use my son’s name, voice and/or appearance as such to be embodied in photos, video recordings, and interviews for media publications. I agree that the KUTEESA Foundation through it’s BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme owns all mentioned assets and may use for the purpose consistent with the foundation’s mission.

  • Lost or Damaged Property

THE BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme, staff, mentors, coaches, sponsors, affiliates, participants, or its co-organizers are not responsible for lost or damaged personal property.*

  • Doctrine

By signing below, I acknowledge that KUTEESA Foundation is a Christian based Organization and for that reason, I do here by give permission for my son to be taught / instructed in a Christian doctrine. I am fully aware that all topics and disciplines to be taught in the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme will be based on the Bible and I do here by grant my approval.

I hereby give approval for my son’s participation in any and all activities prepared by the KUTEESA Foundation, through theBOYS’ MENTORSHIP Militaristic BOOT CAMP. In exchange for the acceptance of my son’s participation in the militaristic boot camp, I assume all risk and hazards incidentals, and release, absolve and hold harmless KUTEESA Foundation and all its respective officers, employees, mentors, agents, sponsors, advertisers, participants and affiliates from any and all liability for injuries that may arise during BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Militaristic BOOT CAMP. There is a risk of being injured that is inherent in all drills, sports activities, including basketball.



All BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP reservations are confirmed through KUTEESA FOUNDATION, a Christian Based Organization registered with the Government of Uganda under the Uganda Registration Service Bureau. No reservation is valid unless KUTEESA FOUNDATION has received this signed contract, accompanied by the required advance deposit, or the total amount due to the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP if less than 30 days separates the date of registration and the beginning of the session. The person signing the registration form certifies to KUTEESA FOUNDATION that he/she has the legal right to represent the mentee registered for BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP and (and if the mentee is under 17 years of age, the authorization of the parents) and to enter into this contract with KUTEESA FOUNDATION and that each registered mentee accepts all this contract’s conditions.


The BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP total costs, including charges for supplementary items, must be deposited to KUTEESA FOUNDATION before the beginning of the camp. The required advance deposit is non-refundable. The balance is refundable up until 30 days before the beginning of the BOOT-CAMP and after this date is non-refundable, except that you meet point 10 of the KUTEESA FOUNDATION general conditions. In the event that a mentee is expelled from the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP, on grounds of gross misconduct or breach of BOOT-CAMP Rules (see point 06), no refund will be given. KUTEESA FOUNDATION reserves the right not to refund any camp fee due to mentees cutting their stay short.


War or Risks of war, terrorist activities, political instability, riots, civil wars, industrial conflicts, natural disasters, closing airports, technical problems or airplane accidents or other transportation accidents, fire, bad weather, or any other events, or Acts of God beyond the control of the KUTEESA FOUNDATION that may affect the running of the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP, will not the responsibility of KUTEESA FOUNDATION. If the direction decided that the camp cannot be run for one reason of another, will refund 80% of the total amount of money received. If the the mentee decides that on his own not to participate in the BOOT-CAMP, although it will be normally run, the participant cannot claim any refund from KUTEESA FOUNDATION.


KUTEESA FOUNDATION gladly assumes all responsibility for the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP, arrangements reserved and will gladly do its best to fulfill these. However, KUTEESA FOUNDATION cannot be responsible for certain activities that are not in control of the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP. Eg. Nile visits, Cultural Tours, certain hotels, airlines or other public transport companies, or other parties such at mountain guides, specialist monitors etc. Therefore, KUTEESA FOUNDATION, states that it cannot be held responsible for extra costs, complications, losses, injuries, damage, accidents, lateness, or inconvenience due to any error made by the company or other persons in regard to the benefits offered in the reservations, during the activities, or during transportation of participants unless some negligence or lack of diligence on the part of BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme can be proven. If a reservation is made, through an external collaborator or independent agent of KUTEESA FOUNDATION, all complaints regarding their services should be made directly to the concerned party or parties.


The parent assumes full financial responsibility for each mentee they register for the following:

Damages caused, voluntarily or not, to facilitate, equipment, material or other objects belonging to, or rented by BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP Cost of repatriation of participants required to return home or to a specified place for reasons of health, accident, bad behavior, or other reasons judged as valid by the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme. Pocket money and all other personal purchases made by the participant except for articles clearly stated in the reservation. All the equipment rented or purchased which is deemed necessary for the participant to take full advantage of his boot-camp experience which is returned by the participant in bad condition or which may be lost, missing or damaged.


Whilst under the responsibility of KUTEESA FOUNDATION, the mentees are expected to conform to the rules and regulations of the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP, under KUTEESA FOUNDATION, reserves the right to send the participant back to his home, if, during the session, the participants exhibits behavior which is incompatible with the well-being of the SUMMER BOOT-CAMP or if the participant fails to observe the rules established by the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme.


Health and accident insurance is mandatory. KUTEESA FOUNDATION has a health and accident insurance for its participants in the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP. This insurance is compulsory for each mentee who participates with SUMMER BOOT-CAMP and includes coverage for all sickness and accidents in Uganda. The mandatory policy cost $40 per week, representing the premium and the administrative cost of KUTEESA FOUNDATION for the insurance contract and the treatment of injured parties. Pre-existing illnesses will not be covered. The insurance covers only expenses from the moment of arrival in Uganda until the departure from Uganda.


KUTEESA FOUNDATION reserves the right to cancel any sessions in the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP mentioned in the brochure due to insufficient numbers or participants or for any other reason at the discretion of KUTEESA FOUNDATION.


KUTEESA FOUNDATION reserves the right to use all photographs of participants or work completed by mentees in the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP, for it’s future publicity purposes.


KUTEESA FOUNDATION, will take any and all necessary action for the well-being and health of the mentee in the MENTORSHIP MILITARISTIC - SUMMER BOOT CAMP. This contract authorizes KUTEESA FOUNDATION to take action to assure medical treatment of the child, in the event of accident or injury during the BOOT CAMP, at the discretion of KUTEESA FOUNDATION. All costs of medical treatment will be the responsibility of the parent, unless covered by the insurance taken through KUTEESA FOUNDATION


BY ACKNOWLEDGING AND CLICKING 'I AGREE' BELOW, I AM DELIVERING AN ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE. THE ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE WILL HAVE THE SAME EFFECT AS AN ORIGINAL MANUAL PAPER SIGNATURE. THE ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE WILL BE EQUALLY BINDING. The undersigned confirms that she/he is the parent or legal guardian of named minor child in this application, hereby consents to the minor’s child militaristic camp participation; consents and agrees to all provisions of this affidavit, and agrees that all provisions of this affidavit shall be effective as to such minor child. All information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that if my son is selected, I irrevocably grant to KUTEESA Foundation through the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme and all coordinating agencies the royalty-free right to mentor him into the right way.